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5 Essential Items for Adulting

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Adulting really feels like you’re a dog on a leash walking yourself. There’s no guidance and you’re just wandering around hoping to make sense of what’s going on. But these 5 items will help you feel like the responsible adult that I know you are.

Once I got an electric toothbrush, I couldn’t believe I had been living without one for so long. My mom gave it to me as a gift on my last birthday and I love it. Dental hygiene is something I value even though I hated the dentist when I was little. I never liked the taste of the fluoride they’d put on my teeth at the end of my visit, yuck!

I had braces throughout middle school and always received compliments on my smile so I like to keep the pearly whites intact which leads me to item number 2, a waterpik.

You can’t have an electric toothbrush without a waterpik, yet somehow I was living without both for a while. Flossing is not a fun task, but needs to be done. Every dentist visit as a kid, the dentist would tell me I need to floss more and I never did. A waterpik is 100% better than flossing because it gets into spaces of your mouth that you never knew food and plaque were hiding in. It also helps get into the dips of your molars that you can’t reach with flossing.

You haven’t leveled up as an adult until you get an air fryer. I do not know how these became so popular but they are life. They’re the George Foreman grill of our generation. You can literally put anything in an air fryer. My favorite thing to make is lemon pepper wings. I’ve also tried cinnamon buns and tortilla chips. There’s nothing that an air fryer can’t make.

Kid Fury from my favorite podcast The Read has a guilty pleasure of making uncrustables in the air fryer even though he bad mouthed uncrustables for so long. I think I know the next thing I’ll be trying in my air fryer!

Living on campus for my job, I never purchased a mattress of my own until I moved to Baltimore. This purple mattress has changed my life. It feels like I’m always sleeping on a hotel mattress every night. It’s so soft and cozy, but it’s also HEAVY! Moving it into my apartment was a whole workout. Do your back a favor and invest in a GOOD mattress.

I never understood the phenomenon of candles until I began buying them. Lighting candles brings a relaxation over the space they’re in. A bonus is the scent. Bath & Body Works stress relief is my fav and when Fall rolls around I get all the pumpkin candles. Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Homegoods are also good places to find nice, quality candles for a reasonable price.

Let’s figure out adulting together, comment below with your adulting essentials!

The Adulting Queen is here to help you navigate adulting and live your best life.

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