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Why I Love Brunch

Updated: May 19, 2020

Everyone always asks me why I love brunch and now the entire world will know! For me, brunch comes down to the food, drinks and good company. When you get a place with a DJ or outside seating in the summer, that’s a bonus! Every brunch I’ve been to has been memorable and creates stories that my friends/family and I continue to reminisce on. Every time I’m traveling brunch has to be on the itinerary.

A main component that makes brunch so great is bottomless drinks! I truly think that restaurants should consider bottomless drinks for dinner as well, but what do I know *insert shrugging emoji*. Bottomless drinks are a good value if you know you’ll drink more than 3. Individually, one drink could be anywhere from 7-12ish dollars so why not pay 15-30 for bottomless?! The time period of brunch is also perfect, typically 11am-4pm which leaves tons of time for productivity or shenanigans after; it just depends on how many mimosa’s you’ve had.

One of the first brunch places I went to that still stands out to me is Palace on Ocean Drive in Miami, Florida. Throughout brunch there’s a drag show with amazing performers that are high energy and super interactive. I’ve been on numerous occasions and I was never disappointed.

Brunch is one of the top 5 things that makes me the happiest. Ask me to meet you at brunch and I’ll be there; as long as it is after 11am, because I am absolutely not a morning person! People who think you can brunch before 11am, that’s actually breakfast.

Check out some great NYC brunch places I’ve been too:

La Pulperia- Great drag brunch! Also great for groups. Ms. Ritzy Bitz has been amazing all three times I’ve gone. She comes around and introduces herself to everyone and the show is very interactive. On Saturday the show is at the Midtown East location and on Sunday it is as the Hell’s Kitchen location. The empanadas are yummy and so is the tostada. I really love the variety of drinks they offer. A reservation at La Pulperia is a must, they fill up quickly.

PS450- Great for groups. It’s a lively party brunch with a DJ. The steak and eggs is my go to! I’ve been multiple times, twice with reservations for large groups and once I walked in and was seated at the bar (it was only myself and one other person).

Randolph Beer- Everything here was so amazing my friends and I are still talking about it. They have a variety of drinks (we tried them all!) so you’re bound to like one of them. I went to the Nolita location, they have another one in Dumbo and Williamsburg.

Woodland (RIP they closed down in January 2020, but let the memories live on) - Another party brunch. They unfortunately do not take reservations so I’d recommend going early, the wait could be very long. The chicken and waffles is so good, especially the red velvet. There are multiple flavors of mimosas if you aren’t in the mood for the typical orange juice and champagne. This brunch is pretty affordable compared to some others in NYC.

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