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The Adulting Queen in Chicago

Meet The Adulting Queen


Hi, I'm Amber! I created The Adulting Queen in 2019 to share brunch spots, things to do in different cities and help adults navigate adulting. The revelation came to me that The Adulting Queen could be something bigger when individuals constantly were asking me about brunch, traveling and adulting hacks; hence the slogan: brunch, travel, adult, repeat. Now, The Adulting Queen has grown and expanded to help all millennials and gen-z navigate adulting because no one teaches you how to be an adult and Adulting Is L̶i̶t̶ Ghetto


The Adulting Queen's vision is to create a world where people feel more prepared to be an adult and enjoy the journey.


The Adulting Queen values authenticity, community, leadership, uniqueness and being inquisitive. 

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Super grateful for my good sis The Adulting Queen. Life is hard but definitely made easier with people like her to guide you along the way.


The Adulting Queen provides information on general adulthood in a variety of ways that are all extremely accessible and understandable!


One of the best people in the world! So smart! So kind! Truly one of the most inspiring people I know!

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