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5 Planners You Should Try

One of The Adulting Queen's strengths is organization and time management. It wouldn't be possible without a good planner and my phone calendar. Check out these 5 planners and let me know what you use to stay organized!

First thing's first - this is a Black woman owned planner. I currently am using the Book'd & Busy edition. I love the different photos and quotes that start off each month as well as the weekly quotes from Black artists, singers, etc.

Book’d was sparked in 2016 when co-founder Tannera gifted co-founder Adrienne with a designer planner for her 26th birthday. While both were impressed with the quality and presentation of the planner, they noticed that there were some features that could be more closely tailored to their unique needs as black millennial entrepreneurs who are committed to personal development. Book'd, Book’d & Busy, and Book’d & Blessed, are three specialized planners that cater to the unique needs to Black women in the areas of entrepreneurship, faith, & culture.

I first got this planner around 2015 and I have purchased it multiple times since. I actually plan to use the undated one for 2023 and I bought them for my students that are about to start college as well.

When owner Angelia Trinidad was uncertain what she'd do after graduating from college in 2012, she decided to create a tool to help her regain control over her life: a paper planner that would help her focus on what really matters. In October of 2013, the first-ever Passion Planner launched on Kickstarter.

For every planner sold, funds and planners are donated to nonprofit organizations who are doing great work in their communities, ranging from raising mental health awareness to providing education for underserved youth. There are also free PDF versions of the planner for anyone to print and use!

I've had a few happy planners and I think what I loved most about it is the ability to add what you needed into it as well as all of the fun stickers!

The mother-daughter duo, Terri and Stephanie turned one BIG idea into an internationally recognized creative brand. It is their mission to spread happy wherever they go and to empower people everywhere to embrace the positive and plan a happy life.

Sticking to a planner can be hard so for the times when I fall in that slump a Blue Sky planner is my go to. It's affordable and simple, but gets the job done.

Co-CEOs Warren Vidovich and Jimmy Freeman want you to plan to do more of what you love because time is your most valuable resource. The mission at Blue Sky is to provide you with the highest quality products at accessible prices so you can do just that. The more time you take for yourself, simultaneously you’ll be more present with your family, friends, and at work.

I personally never purchased this one BUT when I remember it becoming a big thing, one of my friends had it and I remade it on my own.

Founder and Creator Michael Leip started looking for a system that could help address the mental ailments he was dealing with due to Lyme Disease, Traumatic Brain. Injury and cancer, as well as the day-to-day needs he had as a self-employed entrepreneur. Panda Planner will give you the motivation, the inspiration, the system—or whatever it is that you need—to set aside your stress and challenges, start living a fulfilling life, and crush your goals!

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