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Leadership Lessons From The Queen

If you don't love Queen Bey, then what are you doing with your life?! There is no way anyone can doubt Beyoncé's consistency, dedication, and hard work throughout the decades. Through her music she spreads important messages and inspires us to unapologetically be ourselves.

As an educator and avid Beyoncé fan, I have compiled her songs to create Leadership Lessons From The Queen 👑. These few lessons will help you no matter where you are in your adulting journey.

Flawless (Remix)

You wake up, flawless! Post up, flawless! The original Flawless was good on it's on but when you add Nicki Minaj, it becomes a masterpiece. This song is a feminist putting her middle finger up to a world that set unrealistic expectations and standards for women. We as women should not shrink ourselves to fit into someone else's box. But don't think I'm just his little wife. Women were created to be more than just wives. As Nicki and Queen B did for this song, we need to come together to flourish and support one another to be our best selves. We flawless, ladies tell 'em!


Clap, clap, clap like you don't care! If you really listen to the lyrics of this song it doesn't make any sense. It isn’t one of her best songs, but it’s a bop. She is embracing being silly and not caring. As adults we can forget to have fun because we get caught up in the mundane things. Embrace your inner Bey in 7/11 and get silly! I'm spinnin', my foot up, foot up, yeah my foot up. Tap into one of your favorite things you enjoyed as a child.


If you feel insignificant, you better think again. If you're feeling down or in a slump this is the song to turn on! When my grandma passed away, The Lion King: The Gift album helped me push through. This song reminds us that we are here for a purpose bigger than ourselves. Life is your birth right; they hid that in the fine print. What legacy do you plan to leave in this world? Let love be the water I pour it to you, and you pour it to me. We need to support and uplift one another to reach our fullest potential. Turn this song on and get ready to conquer the world!

I Was Here

I wanna leave my footprint on the sands of time. Every time I leave a room this is the song that I'd want to play behind me. We should all strive to make a difference in someone's life and live each day like it's our last. I did, I've done everything I that I wanted. Do the thing you want to do, life is too short to wait. How can you make an impact to make the world a little better? The hearts I have touched will be the proof that I leave.

This is just a snippet of the many lessons from Queen Bey's work. To dive in deeper book this workshop for your organization today & listen to the playlist on Apple music!

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