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Meet the Team Behind All Black Everything 2021

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

The Adulting Queen's annual All Black Everything is making a comeback! The team has been planning since January to make this year's event even bigger and better than last year.

Buy your All Black Everything mug, follow All Black Everything 2021 on Instagram to stay up to date and tune in to our Melanated Mondays where team members are chatting with the creator about their experiences being Black. If you are interested in sponsoring All Black Everything 2021 you can find more information below.

Meet all of the amazing individuals that are contributing to the Black excellence of this event:

Amber Hurt

All Black Everything Creator

Amber Hurt is an educator, brunch lover and full of wanderlust. She created The Adulting Queen in January 2019 because no one teaches you how to be an adult and it's very ghetto here. Through navigating her own life she hopes to provide inspiration to others to live their best, healthy, authentic lives.

All Black Everything was born in the midst of the pandemic to celebrate her birthday and highlight the Black joy, excellence, tenacity, brilliance, melanin, awesomeness (we could go on forever, but you get the point) of Black people during a time where the world was continuing to tear us down. Amber has carefully put together the group of individuals contributing to the event based on their diverse backgrounds and commitment to sharing Black stories.

Sean Davenport

All Black Everything & The Adulting Queen Manager

Sean Davenport helps Amber with all things The Adulting Queen and All Black Everything behind the scenes. Sean manages and serves as a consultant for anything from social media to legal advice. Sean started his own company, Haire Cosmetics, to sell handmade hair and body care products with the mission to reverse the damage of the beauty industry. Amber and Sean have worked together for years on each other’s projects and Sean is so proud of what she has been able to accomplish so far and can’t wait for The Adulting Queen to take over the world!

Chris Venant

All Black Everything DJ

Chris Venant, is a Haitian American from Rockland County, NY. He graduated from SUNY Cortland with a degree in business economics. His line of work is in education & financial services. When he's not teaching people about investing & business, you can find him either DJ’ing events/parties or reading up on a good book.

Aliyah Wooten

All Black Everything Presenter

Aliyah Wooten is a graduate of William and Mary with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Master’s degree in Business Analytics. She currently works for a premier financial institution in finance technology. Aliyah is interested in giving back to her community, mentoring, and increasing her financial knowledge. She hopes to use House of A Financial to empower young African American women and start conversations about finance that she wishes to have had earlier. In her free time, she loves binge watching A Different World and Living Single with a nice glass of red wine. House of A serves African American women in the age range of 18 to 30, as this is a formative period of time, defining habits and placing the integral building blocks of their financial legacy. We want to assist women at a pivotal transition into their budding careers, promoting positive habits to equalize the playing field for young African American women, rewriting their generational narrative.

Brianna Elum and Tyra Kaymore

All Black Everything Presenters

Brianna Elum (she/her/hers) was born and raised in Detroit, MI. She is passionate about creating and holding space for womxn as they focus on healing, liberation, and self-love. Brianna is also the published author of the Flouriish Efflorescence Journal. During her time in higher education, she has created and implemented programs that focus on intersectional feminism for Women Living in Learning Communities. She currently serves as a Residence Coordinator at Flordia State University. She has been working through traumas that have affected her physically, emotionally, professionally, physiologically, and spiritually. By sharing her journey, she has inspired others to start their healing process towards a sound mind, body, and soul!

Tyra Kaymore (she/her/hers) was born on a marine base in North Carolina and was raised in Detroit, MI. She is passionate about vulnerability and has been actively working to live her life openly. Tyra is also the published author of the Flouriish Efflorescence Journal. She has witnessed firsthand how lack of forgiveness and shame affects creating healthy relationships and hinders goals as well as self-image. Her journey has been ongoing; filled with reflection, having tough conversations, and facing trauma head-on. This has been a courageous journey, challenging her to push the barriers and uncover the truth. By sharing her journey, she encourages others to be honest about their feelings and find the courage to explore the deepest parts of their being. Make sure you check out the Flouriish website and follow them on Instagram!

Christian Williams

All Black Everything Panelist

Christian A. Williams is a recognized educator, thought leader and advocate for LGBT people and communities of color who is known to many for his charisma, natural vibrance, and helping people of all kinds unlock their potential. Since beginning his career at the age of 16, he has worked closely with both executives and front-level staff across numerous industries and functions, including nonprofit management; public relations and strategic communication; recruiting and human resources; hospitality and tourism management; and in higher education. Today, in his role as a Program Officer at the D.C.-based International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), Christian is a part of the core team working to bring the brand-new Community Engagement Exchange program to life in partnership with the U.S. Department of State and other organizations, using all he has learned throughout the years to provide emerging civil society leaders, ages 20-27 and from over 100 countries, with the skills and expertise needed to return to their home countries and solve real issues in communities around the world.

An unabashedly Afro-Latino and gay man, Christian is passionate about having a positive impact on the communities his intersecting identities touch - whether by helping improve access to study abroad opportunities among students of color in his work with The Sizije Foundation, or by helping the Association of Latino Professionals of America (ALPFA) begin Pride initiatives locally and nationally as Director of Membership for the Philadelphia Chapter. His work has garnered recognition throughout the years, most recently when he was named as Delaware’s representative to The Advocate Magazine’s 2020 Champions of Pride List.

DeMarcus George

All Black Everything Presenter

As someone that continues to grow, DeMarcus is someone who is actively earnest, innovative, and tenacious in improving himself everyday. DeMarcus is a recent graduate from the University of Louisville with a Business degree in Computer Information Systems and a track in Web Development. He has a background in IT and Sales. Previously working at the University of Louisville's Miller Information Technology Center as an IT Consultant and also at Sprint were he served as an Retail Sales Consultant for 3+ years and acquired Top 50 national rankings. He's also previously worked in the tech space serving as a Business Development Representative for a Black-Owned startup company called Jopwell, where he helped impact career advancement for Black, Latinx, and Native American students and professionals. While currently taking a step back from work, he continues to use his time to stay busy. He is a beginner stock investor, Co-Founder of recent 4LifeInk Prints, and also operates his Marcos Mashups business where he specializes in home-styled meals!

Dr. Jamal J. Myrick

All Black Everything Presenter