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Self-Care During Quarantine

WHEW 2020!

What a time to be alive. We thought this year/decade was going to have new

energy and it certainly does. It has been a trying time for everyone in some way or another. I recently moved to Maryland from NY and began a new job as the Director of Student Engagement and Community Programs. None of this is what I would have imagined for 2020 but here we are. I’m blessed for my family and I to be healthy and that I received this promotion in a pandemic.

Balancing a job search, a brand, the news and life while working full time is A LOT. Pre-

pandemic we all had things to be worried about and it feels like overnight that list has grown

now that the pandemic has shown it’s here to stick around for a while. This pandemic proves

why self-care and wellness are so important. We cannot continue to go, go, go, go without

expecting at some point for there to be burnout. I have always incorporated self-care/wellness

into my life and have worked to be even more intentional about that during this time.

10 things that have kept me going through this that I consider a part of my self-care are:

1. Being creative and pouring into The Adulting Queen

2. Scheduling fun virtual things with my friends and family

4. Listening to The Read podcast

5. Aimless drives around

6. Reading

7. Using my gratitude journal

8. Watching new things on Netflix/Hulu

9. Taking time to enjoy my coffee or tea in the morning

10. Watching Insecure

All of these things I already enjoyed doing, but I have made an extra effort to make time for it

and be present in what I’m doing. I do miss my pre-pandemic self-care which consisted of

brunch and traveling but I’m learning to be grateful for such small moments that others do not

have the opportunity to indulge in.

The last thing I want to leave you with is that a big part of self care is SETTING BOUNDARIES!

Self-care is not selfish and it is perfectly fine to tell people NO. “No” is a complete sentence and

you do not need to explain yourself to anyone for doing what is best for you. When I say best for

you, I also want to clarify that I mean best for you and HEALTHY! We’re👏🏽not👏🏽doing👏🏽toxic👏🏽anymore. I want everyone to live their best healthy, positive lives because we’ve been through too much, especially as Black people. If you need a kick start on your wellness I encourage you to watch my first Sippin’ Sunday with @ratchetandwell.

Happy adulting! ❤️

- AQ

*This post was featured on Pretty Black Thoughts on 7/16/2020*

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