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Sippin' Sunday The Podcast is Coming Soon!

Today The Adulting Queen turns 4 🥳! What started as brunch, travel and adulting tips in 2019, has turned into events, merchandise, speaking engagements and more than I could have imagined. In 1,461 days The Adulting Queen has grown to reach thousands of people in person and online. With growth comes new opportunities and the next venture for The Adulting Queen is Sippin' Sunday: The Podcast!! If you're a real OG of The AQ, you remember in 2020 that Sippin' Sunday was an event hosted on Zoom to bring people together during the pandemic and discuss various adulting topics. The people have since asked for a podcast and here it is!

Sippin’ Sunday: The Podcast with The Adulting Queen is coming soon!

No one teaches you how to be an adult #AdultingIsGhetto. But don’t worry, you’re not alone – The Adulting Queen is here to help millennials and gen-z navigate adulting! Together we’ll share space for conversations that the generations before us didn’t have so you can become the adult you’re meant to be.

You might be thinking why is this called Sippin’ Sunday and if you’re new to The Adulting Queen one of my favorite things to do is BRUNCH! *Alexa, play Brunch on Sunday by Nas*.

Sunday is the day of rest and self-care. What you do on Sunday will set the tone for your week ahead. As you join me on this journey, you’ll find comfort in knowing that no one has this adulting thing figured out and I’m now your adulting accountability bestie, checking in with you to combat the Sunday scaries of adulting. In each episode we’ll explore different aspects of adulting and I’ll provide you with resources, tips and tricks.

Start your week off right with The Adulting Queen and tune in to Sippin’ Sunday: The Podcast. Share this with your friends & grab your favorite drink to sip with me on Sundays because #AdultingIsGhetto!

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