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The Adulting Queen is on Millennial Thoughts Podcast

Season 5 of Millennial Thoughts podcast is out now with The Adulting Queen as the co-host. Millennial Thoughts podcast is a self help podcast helping millennials transition smoothly into adulthood. It discusses a variety of topics such as money, relationships, traveling, relocating, self-care, burnout and more. We hope you enjoy Season 5!


For the first episode of the season we're kicking it off by dissecting adulting. This is not what we thought we were getting ourselves into when we wanted to grow up!

We discuss why millennials are leaving their jobs, the influencer life and celebrities. The pandemic opened our eyes to a lot and millennials are FED UP with these work places.

Both Alieshia and I relocated during one of the toughest times in America. With all the abrupt changes and adulting it was a hard season. We're trying to make the best of the situation and hope you learn some lessons.

Do you have your coins in order? The way the world is going everything is EXPENSIVE! The bills are billing but the salaries are not increasing. Run us another stimulus check Robinette!

What does being a good mentor mean? How do you find a mentor? Do you need a mentor? Mentorship has been fundamental in The Adulting Queen's life. We discuss all aspects of mentorship and what it means to us.

Politics are everywhere, even at work. How do you learn work politics? Is anyone ever really taught this skill? Everything has been changing so quickly as a result of the pandemic and now it’s hard to adjust as fast to keep up.

We were reminiscing about college living, living at home and then living on your own. We talk about bills, freedom and friends. We had 2 special guests join us as well. Then the conversation led to relationships and dating in this generation which got interesting!

Do you know your passion? What's the difference between passion and purpose? This is not a question you may be asked often and as an adult you're not always given the time to explore your passions.

Everyone needs a friend but does everyone know how to be one? We reference Insecure and personal experiences we have had with friendships.

WHAT A YEAR! 2021 was a time. Hear what we're looking forward to as we enter the new year.

Alieshia is a travel and lifestyle blogger based in Atlanta. Follow Millennial Thoughts Media on Instagram. Subscribe to the podcast on Apple, Google and all the other platforms.

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