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You Deserve to Be Well: 5 Wellness Tips

The first Sippin’ Sunday seems like it was just yesterday, but it was hosted on April 26th! Time flies when you’re in a pandemic. Sippin’ Sunday was a random idea I had after my friend Sade launched her IG page @ratchetandwell. I called her up and was like “Hey, I have an idea, are you in?”. Sade has been a ride or die friend since day 1 so she was ready to support me with whatever I needed to bring my idea to fruition!

Sade and I wanted the audience to leave the session with strategies to increase their wellness beyond bubble baths, self-help books, green smoothies and self-care Sundays which stemmed from this quote, "Do you really wish to be well? Because wellness is no trifling matter". There comes a moment when you have to face yourself and some demons to get on the other side of this process. It is rarely pretty work but if you commit to the task you later will be greater than your former. (that's church right thurr!)

Now, let's get into these wellness tips!

1. Decolonize your rest practice. Rest is a right that everyone deserves. The Nap Ministry is an amazing resource to dive deeper into this.

2. Eat the frog! Do the thing that you're avoiding but know you need to do. Once you tackle it, I promise you'll feel so much better.

3. Make space to grieve for everything that was cancelled. Like many others, everything I was looking forward to in 2020 was cancelled. I thrive off of plans and having activities to do so this was tough for me.

4. Cultivate a space that inspires you. I like to be surrounded by pictures, affirmations and books. If you don't feel cozy in your space, you won't always feel cozy in your mind. The space you're in physically affects your energy.

5. Health is wealth. Be mindful of what you put into your body and how it makes you feel. Drink water, take vitamins, eat fruits and vegetables and gets some sun.

Think about your own wellness journey now that you have these tips.

What does wellness mean to you?

What areas are you doing well in?

What areas do you want to improve on?

I hope you truly take the time to get the wellness you deserve. No matter where you're at in this journey you have the ability to start NOW. I believe in you!

If you missed Sippin' Sunday you can rewatch on my Youtube channel here.

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