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I've Been Sippin', I've Been Sippin'

Updated: May 19, 2020

If you have been at one of the past three Sippin’ Sundays, thank you! If you have not been yet, you are missing out and should definitely join me in the future on Sunday @ 8pm EST. I share a new drink each week, great content and at the end I have giveaways!

I started Sippin’ Sunday in the midst of this pandemic just to have some fun and bring people together. Little did I know that this would create friendships among attendees throughout the country just from a virtual meet up. People that attend Sippin’ Sunday have become a mini family, always looking forward to our next meet up the following week.

The first week of Sippin’ Sunday we dived into wellness with one of my best friends from college, Sade, creator of Ratchet and Well (@ratchetandwell). The biggest lesson learned here was to “eat the frog”. Do the thing you don’t want to do or the thing you think will take the longest to get it over with. Sade and I hope that from our lived experiences we shared and being vulnerable, we’ve motivated you to create more positive wellness in your lives. Especially during this time, when everything seems out of whack. Another important thing to remember is that no one is perfect and you cannot compare yourself to someone else’s journey.

The second week we traveled around the world (virtually) with another one of my best friends from college, Nyckiyah, creator of Nae StayTrippin’ (@naestaytrippin). We spilled the tea about the types of people you want to travel with, traveling on a budget, solo traveling and our favorite trips. The biggest takeaway here was: Every trip is not for everybody and anybody can get left! When outside opens up and we can safely travel we are waiting for NO ONE! #yolo

Yesterday, we kept it light and fun with Beyonce and Adulting Queen trivia. Shout out to Kayla in1st place, Kadeem in 2nd place and Ellis in 3rd place! Kayla and Kadeem won products from Haire Cosmetics, a company that gives 10% of sales to local NYC and Long Island animal shelters. They also are environmentally conscious! If you want to purchase anything from them you can use code: TheAdultingQueen for 20% off.

Here’s what I have in store for the upcoming weeks:

5/24 with @rosegoldandgrey - Finding Your Purpose

5/31 with @houseofafinancial - Budgeting

6/7 with @taylortalkshealing - Healing & Self-Care

6/14 with 4 of my former students - Life After College

Sign up here for future events, get the Sippin' Sunday playlist & keep up with my adulting.

Thus far from Sippin’ Sunday, I’ve realized I KNOW SOME DOPE PEOPLEEEE!!! But also, I have so many people that love and support me and I am forever grateful for that. After each Sippin’ Sunday I’m definitely in my bag (view my Sippin’ Sunday highlight on Insta if you missed any) and if you know me I’m not one to express emotions constantly, especially to a large group. But again, I cannot thank you all enough! Keep showing up, keep sharing and keep sippin’!


The Adulting Queen

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