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Q&A with AQ 👑 feat. Alexis

Welcome back to my blog and the first Q&A with AQ 👑 (Adulting Queen).

Basically, I just call up my friends and tell them to ask me 5 random questions, then voila you get a blog post and fun facts about me!

Alexis was a Resident Assistant when I began my first year at SUNY Old Westbury. I was in her building so much she thought I lived there. She quickly became a mom-like figure watching over me and my friend group. She's been a great mentor and sounding board as I go through my SA journey!

Let’s see what random things Alexis asked....


What is your most preferred brunch meal?

AQ- Steak and eggs or chicken and waffles. When I'm going to brunch and drinking bottomless mimosas I need something to soak up the alcohol lol! But also, for the prices these are typically the entrees that will give you the most food. One of my favorite chicken & waffles was from Woodland NYC in Brooklyn (RIP).

Alexis- Truly, I could always go for some chicken and waffles but the vibe at the spot has to be right! I remember a time going to a place (the name and state of the place escapes me at the moment) with a friend and that meal was on the menu but something told me, it was not for me. My friend got it and the plate proved my intuition to be correct: THAT WAS NOT IT! One place I have always had some very tasty chicken and waffles is Sweet Chick in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I love that they have a few different options for flavorful waffles and I always opt to get the hot honey on the side. I have brought a few friends to this place as well and all of them loved it. A close, close second option for a good brunch meal is shrimp and grits.

What is your ultimate career goal?

AQ- I honestly feel I'm going wherever the good Lord places me. I started college wanting to be a social worker or guidance counselor and found myself in higher ed, doing very similar things to what I wanted to do originally. I then thought I'd become a Dean of Students or Vice President for Student Affairs but I'm not sure I want the problems that can come with that. I already felt like this prior to the world being flipped upside down with COVID and racism. I know I want to do something that is helping to develop young adults.

Alexis- Recently this has been really, really, REALLY up in the air. When I got into higher education, I knew I wanted to eventually work my way to be a Dean of Students. Over the years, and maybe because of my varying experiences at different institutions, this has started to change. While I have a strong passion for supporting and empowering students, I have minimal energy for unnecessary politics and navigating through power trips. Prior to college, I dabbled with the idea of going to culinary school but found the cost to be overly expensive and did not want to put that sort of financial burden on myself or my parents. I was nervous that the job market would also be challenging in that field so I let the idea of culinary arts go in terms of schooling. I was recently presented with an opportunity and I am hoping that once Rona gets its life together and stops meddling with mine, I can pursue it so I could really see if this potential career change is really for me, or if I just need to re-evaluate where I currently am and probably...leave. 🤷🏻‍♀️

What was the worst traveling mistake that you ever made?

AQ- Now that Rona is here and we don't know when we can safely travel again (and I'm not rushing to be on a plane) I wish I traveled out of the country more. I've been to Toronto, Montreal, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. There are other places I'd like to experience, I think the idea of a flight for over 6 hours is what I'm not prepared for.

Alexis- Not traveling solo sooner. Granted, I have not technically traveled "solo" as I went with two groups through Ultimate Break but, I did not wait for anyone to come along. For years, I felt that some part of me feared the idea of traveling without people I knew and making the most of that time. I think a previous break-up also really pushed me to say "enough was enough" and I made my first solo trip to Europe in 2017. The tour was primarily for Budapest, Vienna, and Prague but we made a few other spots along the way. It was nice to meet others and have some sort of a safety net while on the trip but it was dope to not have to worry about what others wanted to do if their interests were not aligning with mine. I walked around for hours alone and just really enjoyed every moment. I was hoping to take another big trip at the end of this year but the world had other plans. I am going to take some time soon to figure out where my next big adventure will be so I am ready once I am able.

What is one new task you want to learn?

AQ- I need to learn how to braid because I'm tired of doing my hair lol. I don't know how to cornrow. I can do a two strand twist for a twist-out and somewhat box braid but it's never neat. My hair is thick and I don't have the patience. I also hate sitting in the chair for so long. Natural hair is just a process! Maybe I'll challenge myself to watch some youtube videos or something. My other issue is parting my hair neatly. 😩 Lastly, I hate taking it out. Just pray for me everyone 🤣.

Alexis- I really would like to properly learn how to do calligraphy. I think it is really pretty and it is something that I have always wanted to try learning. I am currently signed up for a small course to learn from someone and get some tips. I tried to do it myself once and it was not as easy as it seemed. I hope by December that I can get a good couple of words done in calligraphy. So I guess this is me holding myself accountable lol. Someone needs to contact me in December and ask if I got this done!

What is something that you used to do but stopped doing, and would like to restart doing again?

AQ- Hmmm...Initially I thought brunch or traveling, but here we are in Rona. Maybe journaling, I always have tons of thoughts but don't take the time to write them down. I go through spurts where I'll write every day then just stop. 2014 through 2015ish I have journals that were almost daily. It's nice to go back and see what has stayed the same, how I've grown, etc.

Alexis- Yoga. I felt super calm when I did yoga and just more centered with myself. The first time I ever tried it (maybe around 2013?) was a little rough, the second time I threw up lol, but I kept pushing myself to get a little better at it. I fell off for a bit between switching jobs and then got back into it. I had it in my "quarantine plans" to get back into it but recently have had an issue with my leg and it was a little challenging to get into some of the poses. Once I get this good leg checked out, sun salutations here I come!

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