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Q&A with AQ 👑 feat. Brittany

Welcome back to my blog and the first Q&A with AQ 👑 (Adulting Queen).

Basically, I just call up my friends and tell them to ask me 5 random questions, then voila you get a blog post and fun facts about me!

Brittany and I met while working together at Hofstra. 3 years later and we've been on many brunching adventures and trips together.When Rona is over we can reunite. 😭

Let’s see what random things Brittany asked....


If you could go anywhere in the world, and time and resources were all non-factors, where would you go and what would you do?

AQ- I would travel to every country and every state to experience the entire world. Most of my vacations are to warm places or popular cities. The idea of going somewhere that isn't lively or warm doesn't' entice me but if money and time were no object I'd go everywhere. I had a goal to visit all 50 states but some are not appealing to me like Idaho for example, what would I go there for?

Brittany- I could not decide on one place. First I would explore Thailand and Bali, they have amazing rivers, and rainforests.While I’m not the biggest outdoorsy person because I do NOT vibe with bugs, I do love scenery and Mother Earth in her most natural form and so this would be amazing to experience. I would just need to have bug spray in my toolkit. Next I’d head to Ethiopia, Kenya, Eritrea and South Africa. I’ve always wanted to explore Africa. I want to learn about their history, culture, food and languages. Finally, to really relax and unwind, I would end up at Sandals Royal Caribbean. It’s right here in Jamaica, my home country which is my favorite place to be. I'd stay in their over-the-water bungalows, watch the fish swim below me from the glass floors and dive into the Caribbean Sea from my personal deck. A whole dream!

What is the biggest thing that therapy has taught you?

AQ- Consistency is key and you have to be gentle with yourself. I didn't go to therapy for long because as I noted in a previous blog I feel I was being told a lot of things that I already knew. If you do continue to go to therapy growth and changes are not an overnight process. When you want to make changes you have to implement small, tangible steps and be consistent.

Brittany- From being a therapist - therapy has taught me that so many people go through a wide array of emotions, situations, traumas etc and while to them, it may seem like it’s the end and there is no reprieve, to me, there’s real relief that can come if you do the inner work to heal, to grow and to move through your circumstance. From attending therapy - Therapy has taught me that despite my training, I don’t know it all, I have my own grief to heal from and there is someone there, who’s objective and willing and able to help me.

What has living through a pandemic taught you?

AQ- THAT THIS IS FOR THE BIRDS!!!! But seriously, the world is so messed up and I know I am so privileged. People literally do not have basic human rights or access to things that all humans should have. The government and large corporations that could easily alleviate issues are not. Regular humans are complaining about basic things when people are dying and severely disenfranchised. Health and safety are clearly not priorities to America. For myself I'm trying not to get overwhelmed with everything as we prepare to restart school (HOW SWAY?!?!) and there seems like no end in sight of good old Rona.

Brittany- It has taught me not to take privilege, ability and time for granted. I never thought I would be stuck in one place and not be able to see my family for so long. When the travel ban was imposed from Jamaica, I felt helpless and really depressed. I was so anxious at the thought of not being able to see my mom that it paralyzed me. The moment I was able to again, I made it home to see my family. I never want to be stripped of that again. Time with loved ones is precious, privilege and ability: being able to wash my hands and seek medical attention and get supplies is important and something that I am grateful for.

What's your favorite type of food?

AQ- My go to cuisines are Spanish food and Thai food. I love rice, tacos and nachos. The flavors in Thai I like because they don't have as many spicy flavors as other cuisines. I don't do spice at all. Sushi is also yummy!

Brittany- I love all food…like I will try almost anything and I probably have foods I like from an array of different cultures. But if I have to stick with one kind of food forever, it would have to be Jamaican food - naturally.

Did you have a pet as a child and what pet would you have now?

AQ- I had multiple pets as a child but none for very long aside from fish. I had a dog, hamster and hermit crab. The hamster and hermit crab my uncle had given me as gifts and my parents basically ended up taking care of them. The hamster had babies and we were supposed to pick one back up from the pet store but that didn't happen. The hermit crab eventually died and I didn't get a new one. The dog was a puppy when we got her and I was too scared to ever take care of her so we didn't have her for too long. I would not have any pets now because I only would like to be responsible for myself lol.

Brittany- I had fish, a cat and multiple dogs growing up. I’m definitely not a cat person. If I could, I for sure would have a dog as a pet. Dogs are the loyal and lovable creatures. I’d probably have a Yorkie, Havanese or Golden doodle pup. Can’t wait!

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