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Q&A with AQ 👑 feat. Nyckiyah

Welcome back to my blog and the first Q&A with AQ 👑 (Adulting Queen).

Basically, I just call up my friends and tell them to ask me 5 random questions, then voila you get a blog post and fun facts about me!

Nyckiyah and I met in 2009 when we started college at SUNY Old Westbury, #OWmade. We've been on tons of trips and adulting adventures together.

Let’s see what random things Nyckiyah asked....


Who do you look up to most and what qualities do you admire about that person?

AQ- My mom, dad and sister. They’ve been my biggest supporters always! My mom is such a giving person and willing to help anyone. My dad is a hard worker and very relaxed living his best retired life. My sister is smart, successful and fabulous!

Nyckiyah- This question is hard for me to answer because I feel like I look up to my mom, dad, and grandmother equally. They all have different things that I admire about them.

In what state do you see yourself settling down and building?

AQ- Hmm..I’ve lived in New York and Florida, now moving to Maryland. I do want a house in Florida when I retire. But settling down, I’m honestly not sure.

Nyckiyah- I see myself settling in Georgia. In the next few years I will likely be moving to Atlanta. I don't know if I will retire there though. I think Savannah, GA may be my retirement place because it's on the ocean and I LOVE the beach.

What is your all time favorite memory of us?

AQ- I first thought of our freshman orientation weekend. We were playing so many games and exploring through the woods lol. Outside of our traveling adventures, I’d say the Midnight Madness after party our senior year and the Old West punch out in 2014. Iykyk.

Nyckiyah- Caribana is my favorite memory. We always have a great time, especially at the day parties!

If money wasn’t a problem what would be your dream vacation?

AQ- My dream vacation would be going to an all inclusive resort somewhere in the carribean. When I went to the Dominican Republic I loved the swim up bars! Two weeks would probably be enough for me, after 4-5 days I’m usually ready to go home.

Nyckiyah- I would want to stay in a villa in the middle of the ocean, like FIJI. I want a private chef, a housekeeper and I would like to stay for at least a month!

How are you practicing self-care in such a difficult time?

AQ- I’ve been watching Insecure, Transformation Church online every week since March and started Sippin’ Sunday. I’ve focused my energy on continuing to build The Adulting Queen. It’s a good distraction from all the foolery that is happening.

Nyckiyah- I am taking my space from things when need be. I think checking out from the world is important for your mental health.

Follow Nyckiyah on Instagram@naestaytrippin and subscribe to her Youtube channel here.

Be on the look out for the next Q&A with AQ 👑 and make sure you subscribe, follow me on social media and check out my other blog posts.


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