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Q&A with AQ 👑 feat. Sean

Welcome back to my blog for Q&A with AQ 👑 (Adulting Queen).

Basically, I just call up my friends and tell them to ask me 5 random questions, then voila you get a blog post and fun facts about me!

I met Sean as an RA on my staff when I returned to Hofstra. He just graduated and is navigating life after college during a pandemic while working on building his business Haire Cosmetics. I love when the work I do turns students into friends!

Let's see what random things Sean asked....


What made you want to start this brand?

AQ- I love brunch, traveling and adulting. Working with college students I am always giving them tips and leadership development. My friends/family always come to me for brunch and travel advice. So why not put all my knowledge out for the world to learn!

Sean- To get rich, haha jk. I always wanted to be a business owner and be my own boss. I thought money would follow that but obviously it doesn't and through passion seeking I found what I’m truly passionate about with animal welfare. Haire Cosmetics I’m able to create great products that make people feel good about themselves while helping animals in shelters.

What is your favorite animal?

AQ- Frogs because my grandma used to collect them. But we don’t know how that started and it quickly got carried away. At one point she definitely got tired of everyone giving them to her.

Sean- A sea otter. They're just so cute and make fun sounds. One of the most social creatures, sleep so cute and cuddly. Full of fun!

If there was not a pandemic going on where would you travel to right now?

AQ- Paris or Jamaica. Both places have been on my travel list.

Sean- Within the country, Portland, Oregon and also Las Vegas. Out of the country, Scotland.

What would be your first pet?

AQ- I don’t feel like i’m a pet person. Growing up I had a dog, hamster, hermit crab and fish but always for short periods of time. So as an adult I don't really want a pet lol.

Sean- Oh my gosh, a million dogs. My dream is to have a giant house with a big yard. A few cats to balance all the dogs.

What is something that’s made you happy recently?

AQ- Starting Sippin’ Sundays, Adulting Queen things on the rise and getting my macbook!

Sean- My macbook, now we’re macbook buddies! Also, when people show true genuine care and support for my business.

Be on the look out for the next Q&A with AQ 👑 and make sure you subscribe, follow me on social media and check out my other blog posts.


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